Indian Rangoli is unique art work to show love for colors on different occasions. Come join with us in this year India fest 2016 for Rangoli competition.


  1. Please bring prepared Rangoli board/ cardboard not bigger than 36" X 36"
  2. Participate can use any material like Rangoli color, sand art, flowers, rice or any other creative ideas are welcome
  3. Theme and name should be given to your Rangoli. For example, traditional mandal design for Diwali celebration or free hand style for decoration.
  4. Rangoli must be glue so that it is easy to carry and move around if needed
  5. Entries with loose colors, rice or other Rangoli materials will not be accepted. Everything MUST be glued to the board to avoid any spillage on the floor.
  6. Due to fire regulations “divas” can only use for displayed not lit.
  7. Usage of retail Rangoli pieces will disqualify the entry
  8. No age limit
  9. Participates can work in group but prize would be allotted to registered entry only
  10. Rangoli drop of is no later than 12.30 pm.
Judging - Rangoli will be judged in the following areas
  1. Creative use of material
  2. Color combination
  3. Neatness and attractiveness
  4. Theme and originality
Prizes -
  1. There will be 1st prize and runner up
  2. Rangoli prize distribution time is around 6 PM on the stage.

For more information please contact -

Neha Parikh / Piyusha Gajjar
Rangoli Team, INDIA FEST
Email: neha103@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: AIHR reserves the right to make any changes to a contest or cancel a contest. AIHR reserves the right to cancel India Fest or change the date or any format or item of the INDIA FEST event.