Video Game Challenge

AIHR introduces “Video Game Challenge” kids who have passion for playing video games to motivate their enthusiasm for playing Videogames. Kid’s hand-eye coordination in videogames can help in future engineering and robotics.

Ages from 7-16. Age Groups (7-9Years, 10-13 years, 14 – 16 years)

Venue:  Virginia Beach Convention Center. 1000 19th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Date & Time: Nov 12th, 2016 between 1:00PM to 3:00PM

  • Xbox Game for 7 to 9: "Mario cart"
  • Xbox Game for 10 to 13: "FIFA"
  • Xbox Game for 7 to 9: "NBA"

Screen and game box will be set for participants. Participants MUST BE REGISTERED to participate in video game challenge. Deadline to register is Nov 6th 2016. Max entries 16 in each age group. Entries will be on a First come First Serve basis. We will close entries as soon as we receive 48 entries.



The competition will have three phases: first round, second round and the Finals round will be best of 3 games for all 3 age groups.

Junior age group from 7-9 

Intermediate age group from 10-13

Senior age group from 14-16

 Elimination (First Round)

16 eligible players from each age group will play First Round (total of 16 players participating on both platforms controls) Players may only compete on one console

Second Round

8 competitors will advance from each age group to the Second round Playoffs.

Finals Championship Round

4 finalists will advance to the Finals Championship Round, which will take place at 3:00Pm Sharp.

Agreement to the Rules

By participating in the Video game challenge, participants agree to comply with the rules and regulations as well as the decisions made by the tournament administration, whose decisions are final and binding. Every participant acknowledges the right of the tournament administration to modify these rules and regulations in the spirit of creating a fair competition at any given time and without prior notice. The application of these rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the tournament administration. Every participant is asked to maintain an adequate level of respect and friendliness with the other participants and the referees. Unsportsmanlike and disrespectful behavior towards the referees and the other participants will not be tolerated. Incidents and punishment will be identified at the sole discretion of the tournament administration. Participants must abide by the instructions made by the tournament administration at all times. All participants must follow referees. Referees has right to disqualify any participant from the competition at any level, any time, and for any reason.

For more information please contact -

Krishna Murthy/ Jigisha Reddy/ Sanjeev Sagar/ Vasanth Hathwar
Talent Promotion Team, INDIA FEST

Disclaimer: AIHR reserves the right to make any changes to a contest or cancel a contest. AIHR reserves the right to cancel India Fest or change the date or any format or item of the INDIA FEST event.