Cultural Terms and Conditions

  1. Performers will provide music piece to play for their performance within the time schedule announced by AIHR and are responsible for the music contents including editing, and music rights. AIHR may cancel the performance if the music piece is not provided within schedule deadline.
  2. All participants, performers, volunteers, and visitor are requested to take care of their personnel belongings. AIHR will not be liable for any loss of personnel belongings of any participant, performer, volunteer and/or any visitor.
  3. All participants, performers, volunteers, and visitor are advised to give utmost priority to their health issues, medical condition and be watchful at all times. In case of any unfortunate incident such as injury, accident, or any other health problem at India Fest, AIHR will not be liable for any cost, and/or compensation.
  4. AIHR authorized personnel may take photo and/or videos of performances at India Fest for the use of AIHR event marketing purposes in newspapers, media, TV, Radio, Social Networking, promotional materials etc. Performers and their parents/legal guardians hereby provide their consent for use of their pictures/video for AIHR events.
  5. AIHR will not be responsible for any loss caused by natural calamities, acts of god, fire, theft, flood, hurricane, storm, lightening, stampede, loss of goods/service/people/income.
  6. AIHR reserves the right to cancel, revise, and alter any program scheduled at India Fest to manage certain unplanned circumstances. In addition, AIHR reserve the right to cancel India Fest or change the date of India Fest due to unforeseeable circumstances and cannot be held liable for any loss to participants.
  7. Performers agree not to cancel their performance after online enrollment. All special circumstances and reasons should be discussed with AIHR before cancellation of performances and are subjected to AIHR’s approval.
  8. By completing the online registration/enrollment form, performers are releasing AIHR from all potential liabilities. In case of any disputes, performers agree that decision of AIHR board will be final and acceptable to performers.
  9. By completing the online registration/enrollment form performers and their parents/legal guardian agree to all the above instructions and conditions.
  10. For the purpose of all of the above terms, word “AIHR” includes all AIHR officers, and India Fest Organizing Committee members. AIHR and India Fest are identical entities.