To facilitate the involvement of people of Asian Indian origin in the mainstream of American Social fabric.

To promote the cultural heritage of the people of Asian Indian Origin.

To disseminate information on economic, social and political issues.

To promote voter registration and educate legistlators on issues critical to Asian Indians.

Article I - Name

The name of this educational, non-partisan and non-profit organization shall be ASIAN INDIANS OF HAMPTON ROADS (AIHR) and is hereinafter referred to as "The Organization".

Article II - Objectives

The objectives of the Organization are:

  1.  To facilitate the involvement of the people of the Asian- Indian origin living in the Hampton roads area in the mainstream of American social fabric.
  2.  To promote the cultural heritage of the people of Asian- Indian origin in the Hampton roads area;
  3. To provide opportunities for learning through educational sessions such as lectures, seminars, symposia and workshops on civic, economic, political, and social issues and current legislative and regulatory developments affecting the lives of individuals of Asian Indian origin residing in the United States of America;
  4. To promote voter registration among Indian American citizens and to encourage them to study major issues involved in the political campaigns in order to exercise their civic duties responsibly; and
  5. To educate Organization members to recognize their social professional responsibilities by involving them in community and public affairs.

Article III - Membership, privileges and dues

Section 1 - There shall be two membership categories:

a. Members - Any person interested in India and its traditions, and who supports the mission and objectives of AIHR is eligible to become a member of the Organization upon paying annual membership dues of $40 (forty dollars), provided that the person is 18 or older.

b. Life Members – Life membership fee is $200.

Section 2 - Any change in membership dues may be made at regular meeting of the board members and executive committee.

Section 3 - At the end of each quarter, treasurer shall present financial statement of AIHR.

Section 4 - Its members can review the financial records of AIHR at any time and such request shall be made in writing to the president of the organization.

Article IV - Executive Committee and Board Members of the Organization and Terms in the office

Section 1 - The executive committee of this organization shall consist of both elected and appoint officers as listed below. AIHR members will elect all elected officials for one-year terms.

President - Eligible for election for no more than 3 consecutive 1-year terms.

Vice-President - Eligible for election for no more than 3 consecutive 1-year terms.

Secretary – Eligible for election for any duration.

Treasurer – Eligible for election any duration.

Section 2 – Board Members

Board Members - may be either elected or appointed as follows:

Elected Board members - Any number up to a maximum of 6.

Board members appointed by the President from recent past presidents - Not more than 4.

Article V - Elections

All the executive community members of the Organization shall be elected at a general body meeting during January each year. The notice for this meeting shall be given to all members of the association by December 31 of each year. The outgoing president of the association shall install the new officers after the election.

Article VI - Recall

One-tenth of the members of the association may petition to the president for a recall vote to any elected officials. In case the president is to be recalled, the petition may

be sent to the Vice-president. The recall vote shall be conducted in a meeting of the general body. A majority vote of the association membership may recall any official.

Article VII - Association Finances

Section 1 - The treasurer for the association will be responsible for maintaining the financial accounts of the organization.

Section 2 - The treasurer shall present an annual financial report at the annual general body meeting of the organization.

Article VIII - Association Status

AIHR is a non-profit organization. No earnings of the organization shall ever be used to benefit any member or officials of the organization.

Article IX - Rule of Order

Roberts Rule of Order (newly revised) shall govern all applicable circumstances in which they are not in open conflict with articles of this constitution and the laws of the state of VIRGINIA.