The following guidelines are designed to make your setup process go smooth. Virginia Beach Convention Center is referred as VBCC in this document

  • The Venue will open at 7:00 am EST on Saturday.
  • Setup time is 7:00 am- 10:00 am EST
  • All exhibits and displays must be setup by 10:30 am EST
  • All exhibit spaces will be assigned by the organizers
  • Change of location on the date is not possible.
  • Each exhibit will have 2 chairs. Please request additional chairs during registration in the description field. No new request will be entertained during the day of the event.
  • Orientation of tables cannot be changed
  • Power outlets and Internet connectivity if needed, must be requested during registration.
  • Exhibitors must bring their own extension cords and high quality surge protector. Please see attached memo for information on the requirements for extension cords. AIHR or VBCC is not liable for any equipment failures due to power surges, spikes or any power related issues.
  • Exhibitors are required to sign the contract and pay the fee two weeks before the event
  • Please bring all decoration items and supplies (i.e. Backdrop) See below information on VBCC policies.

Decorating and Signs –

  • The location and methods of installation of any special decorations or signs must be approved by the Convention Center prior to installation.
  • Under no circumstances may anything be attached by any means to walls, columns, doors or windows
  • All special decorations or signs left in the Convention Center at the conclusion of your event will be considered trash.  All special decorations or signs that you want to save must be removed at the conclusion of your event.
  • All moveable walls in the Convention Center shall be installed and removed by the Convention Center Staff.  Please see your Event Supervisor if you have any problems or need any of the walls moved. 
  • Under no circumstances shall any banner or sign be attached to the exterior of the Convention Center.  Upon prior approval from the Convention Center Management some Banners and signs may be displayed inside the Convention Center.
  • All exhibitor must clear the exhibit space and leave by 9:00 pm EST on the day of the event
  • AIHR is not responsible for any Shoplifting/Theft/Vandalism/Fire/Flood/Stampede on the Exhibit Booth. Exhibit Business will use their own insurances to resolve any of these situations.
  • AIHR is not responsible for the Volume of Sales (Low or High) on any Exhibit Booth.
  • AIHR is also not responsible for the number of visitors visiting the India Fest program.


The Loading Docks will have controlled access.  The Loading Docks are located on the Interstate side of the building behind the Exhibit Halls.  Please check in with the guard at the gate who will issue a pass for a set amount of time to unload.  Once you have unloaded your vehicle, you will need to park in the Parking Lot between the VBCC & the Doubletree Hotel. 

For Load Out:  You must have your booth packed and ready to go, and the show promoter will issue you a slip to bring your vehicle to the Loading Dock area for access.

There will be a second guard at the Loading Ramp to assist with parking your car to unload. Please unload all of your merchandise immediately upon arrival. There is limited space and limited time available for load in.

Merchandise Vendors: You cannot leave their vehicle(s) in the Exhibition Hall or loading dock. You must exit the loading dock and park in the adjacent parking lot.

Food Vendors: Load out will not begin until all Patrons have exited the facility.

ELECTRICAL NEEDS:  See attached Electrical Memo and Hookup instructions.  In addition, all cords must be taped down anywhere there will be foot traffic and NO cords can go across the main aisles. 

FIRE PREVENTION: See attached Fire Regulations Memo and Open Flame Device instructions.

SIGNS & BANNERS: Banners may be hung from the front of your table or on the pipe behind your booth. Nothing is allowed to be taped to walls, columns, doors or windows.

TRASH: Trash cans are located throughout the facility. VBCC staff will empty those trash cans throughout the day. VBCC is a Green Facility and we will provide Recycling Cans throughout the facility to assist in these efforts.  Doors will not open to the public until aisle ways are clear of any trash.

SERVICE ANIMALS: Only Service Animals are permitted inside the facility at any time.

SECURITY & MEDICAL: Two Police Officer and Two Paramedics will be available during the event day if needed. Please notify a VBCC staff member if you need medical or security assistance.

Disclaimer: AIHR reserves the right to change, cancel, and revise any exhibit space configuration, paid or unpaid registration at any point of time with or without prior information. AIHR Reserves the right to cancel or change date of the event, INDIA FEST.AIHR is not liable for any loss of personnel, services and products incurred by the exhibit business occurred because of any unexpected or emergency situation. AIHR has the right to shutdown INDIA FEST event before 7 PM Eastern on the day of the event.