Exhibit Registration

(Merchandise selling exhibits must pay $10 towards Virginia Beach Special Business License fee)

Disclaimer: AIHR reserves the right to change, cancel, and revise any exhibit space configuration, paid or unpaid registration at any point of time with or without prior information. AIHR Reserves the right to cancel or change date of the event, INDIA FEST.AIHR is not liable for any loss of personnel, services and products incurred by the exhibit business occurred because of any unexpected or emergency situation. AIHR has the right to shutdown INDIA FEST event before 7 PM Eastern on the day of the event.

Order Summary

Qty Item Price
Electrical Connection ($25/Connection)
1 Internet Connection
1 Selling Merchandise $10

The booth number is not guaranteed until the payment is received. AIHR reserves the right to change the booth number. Booths are alloted on "first come first serve" basis. We encourage you to pay online to secure your booth. To pay by check please fill and print this form.